Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crock pots

I got two crock pots for Christmas and I was SOOO excited to use them. A few days after Christmas Daniel asked me what I was going to make in the crock pot. Crickets were chirping. I have wanted a crock pot for 2 years now. I got 3 as wedding gifts years ago and I never used them NOT ONCE! So they were given away when we moved to Guam. That was when I started reading blogs and noticing that crock pots were supposed to make life easier when it came to dinner so I wanted one. I finally got two this year and I had no idea where to start! However I found this website and I am extremely excited to use some of these recipes! I start with Teriyaki chicken in the crock pot. It was DISGUSTING. Well the soy sauce was overwhelming and it needed to be sweeter. Then I made BBQ chicken shredded. ALSO DISGUSTING. The third time was the charm when I made baby back ribs and modified the recipe to where I thought it would be better and used rudy's bbq sauce and we finally got something yummy. Is this something that takes time?

I am reluctant to makes things in there because they might be yucky even though the recipe wasn't just made up. Any pointers from those who use crock pots? I liked the idea of it because I can make dinner while making breakfast and that is when Jamison is still sleeping so its easier than when I am all frazzled from the day at 5. I need help :( I need tips pointers and recipes and well anything. I don't want to make things that I can make in 40 minutes on the stove in the evening though. I would rather just make the thing in 40 minutes. I want to make things that are yummy while cooked slowly. I made a whole chicken on Sunday. It was good but my roast chicken tastes better when I do it in the oven. It was dry for some reason and it took 8 hours. When I do it in the oven it takes 15 minutes of prep and 1 hour to cook I guess I am looking for some magical deliciousness recipes. So HELP.


Sarah said...

Ooooh I love my crockpot. Love it. I've got a bunch of crockpot recipes... I'll have to email them to you. I'm going to make Grandma's beef stew tomorrow in the crackpot... I'll send that one along, too.

Sarah said...

Yeah that should say "crackpot" not crackpot. Haha. My Safari spell checks for me automatically... :)

Sarah said...

It did it again. I give up.

MoBo said...

bahahhahahahahaha previous comments make me near delarium with hilarity! ousness

MeleOfa is good at that crackpot business, I mean crockpot hahahahahha

that sounds disapointing, about the disgusting food. I totally get what you mean though, might as well do it the other way since you know it better, but i hear crackpots are superb for time cutting.. Make meleofa tell you, like taco soup me thinks? or do you guys not like that. I didnt know you could make stuff that isnt soup in crackpots!!

MiriamR said...

Yes Sarah I Would LOVE some tried and tested recipes with any changes you made!! I just can't seem to get this right