Monday, January 10, 2011


We have just been relaxing around here for the last few weeks. I have been trying to get the house in order. I like to reorganize every new year so that is what I have been doing. I redid all the kitchen drawers and organized and labeled everything. I also purge the monthly filing cabinet of all the last years things that can be put in a more permanent file. I must say I really enjoy organizing.
Its one of those stress relievers for me. The kids have been playing a lot of kitchen. For some reason they really enjoy it. Especially when I let them make food out of play doe. They set it up upstairs and downstairs and are using their imagination so its fun to watch.
Jamison has been growing and smiling and figuring out how to play with hanging toys. He can sit in his chair for 15 minutes without making a sound just trying to knock the elephants and giraffe off the string. He is usually calm until he gets them all off and then he starts to yelp. Thats right he doesn't cry or scream he just calls for help. Daniel has been working hard. He also installed some under lighting in the kitchen! I love it its so much brighter now. I haven't taken a picture yet because I still hate the color I chose to paint the kitchen. Its almost been a year so I know its never going to grow on me.

I have also been in a mad rush to put things on the walls because a home feels empty to me without wall coverings. I have been changing things too. I like to put things up and wait for 2 weeks or longer and then see if they bug me. If they do I change them. So I changed my sea scape wall from this:to this and there are still parts that bug me.
I painted all the frames and mattes white. It just looks calmer and more crisp. But the two photos to the right are bugging me because the one is too high but Daniel wants me to switch the large one all the way to the left with the two because the light reflects off the two. I have taken many frames down and I am redoing them. Either painting them, moving them or switching frames. This is my dinning/front room in its current state:

I hope to get this done soon but the walls will be a work in progress thats for sure.


Shari and Trent said...

Doesn't it always seem like there is something to do around the house! I am always finding something to to or change!

MoBo said...

WoW! I like the second seascape, I like the white, it makes it uniform and beach like, as if you could look out the window and see the ocean!! thats the feel I get form pictures.. ahhahah

Thats so great about the kids and husband and all, I wanna hear the yelp, sounds hilarious! and awesome

Love From Iceland!