Monday, October 18, 2010

Reeves weekly update

I have been so busy!! Jamison is waking up only once or twice in the night now and we have started sleep training in the crib. Its going very well. That being said I have much more energy!! Its amazing what 5 straight hours of sleep can do for a person. I have also started working out and it gives we way more energy in the day. It was my birthday last month and Daniel got me the gift I have wanted for years!! An exercise bike. I have wanted one since Alexander was born. I couldn't start using it until two weeks ago though and I love it! Its perfect because I don't have to leave the house to use it and I use it during nap time and its just lovely with some music!

This past week I have been organizing the house like crazy! Every Spring and Fall I get the organizing bug. In the Fall I want to get it ready to be decorated for the fall so I like it organized from top to bottom. I winterized the kids closets and I also got all the correct sizes in there and put the old ones in storage. Then we cleaned out the garage but only organized it a bit. We need to get some kind of organization system in there. I just love organizing and throwing things away. It puts me in such a good mood! We also donated toys and clothes to savers. I love to go through all their toys and donate all the ones that drive me nuts. How horrible is that? Well I have started trying to make rules with kids toys. If its broken throw it away and if Christmas is coming purge a lot of toys to make room for the new toys. Its all a process I guess.

Oh and last week was Daniel's 30th Birthday. I got him a Wii and surprised him and everything. I am horrible with surprising him! He has been getting birthday presents for a least a month now because I can't wait and I give it to him early.

So here is a video of the kids playing the wii together.


Maliana said...

oh my gosh that is so cute!! and a little terrifying :D hahahah how fun

Hera said...

At least they don´t punch each other. The dad seems very excited about the whole thing.