Monday, October 4, 2010

Balloon Fiesta/Conference/Reeves weekend Part One

This weekend was fun. We had some Reeves and Goulding's come down to visit us and we loved it. It was Conference weekend and the start of balloon fiesta. We had a very early wake up time of 430 which made for some very tired people at the end of the day (me the most) but it was worth it. I haven't uploaded any photos from our camera but I did upload some of Ralph's so here are some to explain the event.

We attended what is called mass ascension. It was the first one this year so many of the balloons didn't go up for some reason. However here is the first balloon we saw walking into the park:

They were getting ready to make it go up. As you can see the sun was not all the way up yet.

I LOVE this picture. It shows the first row of balloons getting ready. I always think it looks like they are all asleep in their beds waiting to get up. (yes that is a huge field of green grass in New Mexico)
Then they wake up and are ready to go. I can't remember what this group was called but rainbow was in their name.
Here are two twinner balloons getting ready to go up. This picture really shows you the crowds. Its like being at one of those huge concerts with many different bands except there is no backstage and you can go where ever you want :)

This was my favorite ref person. I am glad Ralph got a photo of him. These guys run around and blow whistles telling the balloons when it is their turn to fly.

Here is a shot of me. Yep I allowed one of me in here. I had the camera up most of the time

and here is a lovely shot of the balloons. Its so colorful and I love seeing all the balloons in the park waiting to be blown up and waiting to fly away. I will have more to write in the next post which probably won't be until tomorrow. I still need to upload our camera too.
I highly recommend if you ever plan on visiting Albuquerque to come on Balloon Fiesta week. It really is a site to see and you can stay at our house.



meleofa said...

That looks so fun! I love the picture of you. :) so does this happen all the time, or is it a once a year type thing?

MiriamR said...

just once a year the first two weekends in october you should come out next year!!

Maliana said...

that looks amazing!! so pretty and awesome! and you look great miriam :D

Wiley Family said...

You do look great!! What a fun weekend!