Monday, October 25, 2010


Sunday was our primary presentation. It was Alexander's first. We have a super huge primary so they needed to utilize two rows back and three across (4 small rows and two big ones) as well as the entire pulpit area and added chairs. All Alexander had to do was sit with his class on one of the front rows (not on the pulpit) we had two practices and he screamed and yelled when I tried to get him to sit with his class. All his class had to do was sing the Sunbeam song and sing along with all the other songs. Nope he wouldn't do any off it no bribe worked and lots of screaming. On Sunday I hoped things would go better. Nope. Here is what happened. He wanted to sit up there in the beginning of church (we got there early) but it wasn't time until after the sacraments so we waited.

He changed his mind yelled and screamed that he didn't want to go up there. Then Eva saw all the primary children going up there and started yelling and screaming also "I NEED TO GO UP I NEED TO GO UP" um yeah they are exactly opposite when it comes to shyness and their social skills. It was a great time [insert sarcasm]. I am not sure that Alexander will ever like those things. He just doesn't like change in any way shape or form. He thought is was time for primary during the practice time so he didn't like it and then he thought we were just going to church but he had to sit with his primary class and he didn't like it. Anyway that was our Sunday.

(I started writing this post on Sunday night and have been so occupied with children, cleaning and organizing and Dolce that I am just posting it now. WOW its been busy)

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Hera said...

It is difficult sometime but in years to come you will all laugh about this.