Friday, October 29, 2010

Its not Halloween without the pumpkins

We have a lot of pumpkins this year!!
Well not compared to Carly and Andrew.
Andrew brought out some perfect sized pumpkins for us. Check out the one in the middle!
(click on it to make it bigger, I took the picture at night and they are on the fireplace mantle)
That is some major planning ahead on those kind. Oh and they have a huge pumpkin patch that they are selling pumpkins so go get some home grown pumpkins from them!

Here are the pumpkins Alexander and Eva choose at the pumpkin patch.
They chose one for Jamison and made him hold it.
We painted them:

Then we chose 3 to carve
Eva kept telling Alexander she was cleaning the pumpkins and it was yucky,
Alexander put his hand in once and ran to wash his hands.

Here are the final creations that we did together as a family.
Alexander used so many colors that it turned black :)
and Eva's was a copper toned one
Daniel did the two with faces.
Daniel pretty much did all of the pumpkins and I watched :)

Happy Halloween!!

P.S sad little story. I had 2 fake big pumpkins on the front porch area because last year the real ones rotted when we kept them outside. Then we had a huge wind storm while I was out for the day and I came home and one of the pumpkins had flown away as well as half of my decorations. Sad but true. There where also some extra trash cans in front of our house because it was trash day and the storms only seem to happen on trash day here so that all the trash cans escape!


meleofa said...

How fun! Carving pumpkins is awesome. I love the garbage can story. hahahahaha. I laughed myself silly. Do people eventually come and claim them? Or do you have to go take them back? hahahahahah.

Wiley Family said...

I love that you guys did pumpkins. i have been so lazy about halloween this year. Well at least the kids have costumes and we have candy to give out hahahaha. We will do better next year. Your pumpkins look awesome. I love jamisons winter gear too cute. we have something similar for Aiden.

Hera said...

Great fun. You are a Toutai so things just have to go wrong haha. Life is full of challenges. Yes it sounds like you are super mom.