Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today we visited the pediatrician

Alexander needed to get his immunizations today 6! He did well but I had to take all of the kids in with me and it took 2 hours because I had to fill out the what can your 4 year old do worksheets. It went well actually but I need to catch Eva up on hers and Jamison is doing just fine there. Anyway I figured I would share some pictures because I haven't in a while. Of Jamison of course because he changes the most.

Eva is always asking to hold Jamison.
She says "Mamma I need to hold Jamison"
He is so big though it is difficult for her :)

Here he is smiling.
I can get him to smile every once in awhile and he smiles when he sees Daniel

He is just a chunk.
Quite heavy already but oh so cute.


Wiley Family said...

I love his Chunk!!! he is sooo cute. I love it when the kids smile and get excited to see daddy it's just so sweet. Taking kids to the doctors is no fun but I love getting them there shots its like a check mark off in my head with there health stuff. Love to here you are having lots more energy and able to workout at home. Thats fantastic.

Suzanne said...

OH MY! What a cute kiddo. Your children are ADORABLE, little Jamison makes me baby hungry!!!:)

Allison said...

He is such a cute little chunk! The girls always ask, every time we go to the doctor - "Do I have to get shots this time?" They hate it.

Hera said...

Sæta bolla hann Jamison er. Hann er svaka krúsíndúlla.