Thursday, October 7, 2010

Balloon Fiesta/ Conference Weekend final

The weekend was Fantastic. We really enjoyed having family come visit us and the kids were in la la land. Just a warning there are going to be many photos in this post.

Balloon Fiesta was a blast even with the early wake up call.

So many Giants and people watching them fly away. The funniest thing I saw the whole time was the Darth Vader Balloon.

It was there last year but this year they went all out and had this guy

in front of it and these guys
guarding it. They were only missing the music.

Eva and Alexander enjoyed the balloons for probably 30 minutes and then just played with Garrett the entire time. Garrett is officially Alexander's favorite person at the can see Alexander look up at Garrett in amazement, by the way this is pretty much what happened most of the weekend. Eva and Alexander followed Garrett around and Mallory held Jamison. I think Mallory was Jamison's favorite because she always got him to be calm.

This was Jamison the whole morning. He just slept and we were happy.

Beckam found a balloon he liked

We were all a bit tired so we sat around waiting for donuts :)

Eva dressed for warmer weather.
We lucked out this year and got some pretty warm weather
(last year we were freezing and Eva was screaming because of cold hands so we over compensated this year)

Showing how close we got to the balloons
Here is the balloon they were standing in front of.
This is my favorite shot because of the moon.

And this is the final shot.
I think its the funniest shot of the day.
Alexander was being a frog and I caught it.

Conference was another story. Our internet went out on Friday night and stayed out until Monday morning. How LAME is that. We felt so bad because we only got bits and peices of conference so now everyone will have to watch it on their own. This is my favorite time of year. The weather turns cooler the colors change and conference gives that boost we all need.

That was our weekend with our fun visitors now its back to regular life which is going to be great with the holidays coming.


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Maliana said...

holy crapbombs!! that darth vader balloon is the best thing ive ever seen!! so jealous :}