Thursday, November 20, 2008

what's twilight?

I just thought I would do a brag blog for once. So my friend Line called today and told me twilight was showing tonight at midnight :o1 and asked if I wanted to go and I said YES! We both have never read the books so we will be perfect company for each other. I just thought I would brag and say that I am going to go see it in 5 hours because we are a day ahead of all of you (except Australia but they don't get it tonight) so I hope I understand the movie without reading the books but yay I get to have a girls night and its Twilight which I embarrassingly googled and spelled wrong (twighlight). So there is the first perk with Guam and Movies. YAY I am pretty excited not just because its twilight but because its the first movie past midnight in years and I get to go with Line, girls night. Ok keep being jealous.


Maliana said...

bahah i am jealous! i love midnight showings!

MoBo said...

You know how those crazy teenage girls freaked out over the Osmands and the Beatles? I just did that, but not really because its 3.15 am and I would get the beating of a lifetime for voicing my thoughts HAHAHA SQUEEELLLLLLLL I didnt even see this one, I would have so freaked out more, BOOHOOHOOO crycrycrycry, I am too jealous for words. I keep telling everyone I know and see that I am really distressed because all my sisters are seeing twilight before me and have already seen it and its showing in the US, CRYCRYCRY Brisbane is too lame to do midnight showings!!!!!!! I WISH!!!!! ... ok I better leave it at that, I could (and would if i didnt have such awesome self control ;) go on forever, But I am jealous, and crying on my insides,


MoBo said...

well that was a bit more than incoherent! By " didnt even see this one" I meant I didnt see this posting, it was while i was away from the internets, hehe toodles Love!