Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight coma

So my twilight coma lasted from 10 pm tuesday until 12 pm Friday. Daniel didn't appreciate it but I already warned him. He got to rent two movies every night. They were the ones I don't appreciate. Usually guy guy movies. Then he went golfing for 5 hours Friday morning so I don't think I feel guilty for reading. It didn't help that it was Thanksgiving and we had a lot of church stuff to do and lessons to prepare. I was lucky because Eva and Alexander like to play together now. I mostly read at night instead of sleeping and I didn't eat much. I couldn't put them down. Well I could and I did because I obviously have two children but I didn't get much laundry done. I liked it and thats that. Now I understand all the crazyness around it.

If you aren't a fan of the books this post ends here.

I really enjoyed these books. They are the first in a long time that made me want to reread straight away to get the whole perspective. I must say I loved Twilight but then New Moon put me in a foul mood until the end parts. Then I enjoyed eclipse until the end when she loves them both. GAG I don't believe in two loves sorry. But then after Breaking Dawn it all made so much sense and everything clicked. There were no problems with continuity so I loved it. What a fun bunch of books. Oh and I also read the portion of midnight sun on her website. I enjoyed it so much. I don't know why it was leaked. They should have known that when a ruin an authors mood on a book they wont write more and whats the point of half a book.

I was so stressed reading parts of the books because I was sure someone would get killed and die because most authors love that kind of drama. So in the end I was so happy and in a good mood. Yay for this series. Now I want to go back and watch the movie again. I don't think the movie did Edward justice when it came to his lines but it would have been an 18 hour movie otherwise. I liked the actor they chose. Very handsome and the hint of his British Accent helped convince me of his 1918 life. It would have been difficult with a typical modern American accent. Those are my thoughts. Go read it but only if you have time to enjoy it. I would have been so frustrated if I didn't wait for all 4 books to come out. Especially if I would have had to wait after book 2. I think I will wait until the end of all series before reading them. I waited until book 5 was out with Harry Potter and waiting for the last two was frustrating.


Sarah said...

YEA!! Well, what can I say? The Twilight books are the BEST! Now you understand all the hysteria around them and the movie. I was dying waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out, so you're actually very smart to wait for all 3 to be released and then read them all straight through. I think Twilight and Breaking Dawn are my favorites! Oh and Midnight Sun, too. I hope she gets around to finishing it so it can be published. YEA for Twilight!!!

Sarah said...

I meant to say all 4 to be released ... seriously, I can't type :)

Maliana said...

bahah pretty much the same story here work, read, sleep a little, eat a little read a lot yup!

I started reading them when book three was out so i devoured them but then had to wait for breaking dawn i'm so excited to see the movie and i appreciate you not putting any spoilers :p

meleofa said...

I am so glad you like them. It was fun to gush together. hehe. anyway, you asked on my blog if jane eyre was any good. I loved it so much, but it's by a bronte, and they tend to write darker stories. It's a bit devastating at times, but I love it. I have an issue with many classics, because some are awful, and I feel i have wasted a huge chunk of time on some really crappy books, but this is definitely not one I feel that way about. i am sooooooooooo excited to meet Eva too! and to see how big Alexander is! so fun. can't wait.

Sioseline Jimenez said...

Im on to Eclipse now and Im still wanting to slap Bella but I'll get over it...LOL Stephenie Meyer is my girl for reals!! LOL I'll spend money on her books any day. Oh back to the book...L.O.V.E. IT!!

Sioseline Jimenez said...

Forgot...can we go and see the movie again before you leave? I've been wanting to see it again but Agustine won't go with me and I don't want to go let me know.

MoBo said...

SQUEEEEEELLLLL That is so awesome, I HART TWILIGHT. Yes bella always made me want to slap her, and then the whole two loves thing, I wasnt impressed with that either! I was like DIE EVERYOne, schoopid gel! hehe When I read your thoughts on Edward in the blog I Squeeled and asked mamma to read the rest to make sure there were no spoilers, Just in case heheheheh but all good! I AM SO EXCITED, ONE WEKK AND I CAN SEE IT!!!!!! !HSIDFOISADJFLK okay hope you guys are good!