Monday, November 24, 2008


This is specifically for the Reeves side of the Family. Did anyone take any pictures of the wedding? If so will anyone be posting any of these pictures. You don't have to post them all. We just want to see some pictures of the ceremony. The Bride. The Groom. The bride and groom together and some of the reception. I personally want to see pictures of decorations and stuff although I have seen one picture of a flower arrangment so far. We haven't seen ANY PICTURES AT ALL AND WOULD REALLY LIKE TO SEE AT LEAST ONE THAT IS SPECIFICALLY FROM THE WEDDING. Ok thanks. (I know this may be hard to believe but that post was from Miriam)


Mable said...

Miriam, I am so sorry I took some pictures and we videoed the wedding. I have been super busy at work and with young women and had a hard time with my internet lately. I will definitely do it this week. Hopefully tonight. I'm sorry.

The Black's said...

Miriam, I had a funny dream last night that my family and i went to see your family in Guam. It was very pretty and it was sunset my entire dream. There was a huge rain storm so watch out. Dreams are crazy. But it was fun to see you! Haha