Monday, November 10, 2008


Sorry this is random and a vent but the most annoying thing in the world to me is members who sit and complain about how their bishop, mission president or whom ever they are dissing is not doing a good job or that "they were supposed to set it up and didn't and the world is over" Or "this is the way they do it in Utah and its wrong here" or "I have been around a long time and that is wrong". Get over yourselves. I just read a blog of this guy here and OH MAN what a loser. Honestly if you don't think your Bishop or Branch Pres is doing a good job you need to check yourself first. Its a rough calling to hold and it doesn't help when people sit and point and do nothing to help. Anyway I am done. I wouldn't care if it was just one guy in the world by negitivity doesn't help anyone. This ones for you Line! Did you read his blog?


Sioseline Jimenez said...

Annoying is the best word to describe that whole situation over there because thats exactly what it is!! Wow is the next word that comes to mind and then I just go blank from there because its kind of twilight zone-ish...WEIRDO, hu?

Marshall, Nany and Max said...

amen to that!! -Marshall

laura said...

i think that most of us make a covenant about that somewhere or something too...I so agree.