Monday, November 10, 2008

Eva's Passport

Yesterday we just finished all the passport stuff for Eva. Now it just needs to come in the mail in a hurry. We paid alot more to get it here faster so I hope that was not in vain. I took a picture of her pictures so I could post them. I think they look great. The photo guys were great. they told me just to bring a white blanket and her car seat and that seemed to work out very well and she

actually sat still (not usually the case with her) Anyway wish us luck on getting the passport by the 1st when they promised it.



Sioseline Jimenez said...

They told you the first of Dec.? Thats cool. Im going to pick up the application for Kaylena's passport tomorrow and have her pictures taken as well at the same place you did Eva's. I didn't pick it up on Monday because when I was finally done at Business Lic. there was a line. I should have done it while were talking...Oh well.

Sarah said...

That is one really cute picture!!

laura said...

I paid for standard processing and got mine in a week! (That was last week.)
Really cute pics. I guess I hadn't considered a baby having a passport before. It seems kind of funny because I imagine the background checking that they do for adults.

unnurwear said...

are you guys going someplace?

Hera said...

Eva looks just like you did. I have photos somewhere where you look the same as her. The hair sticking up and everything. She is going to have pooffy hair. So where are you going?