Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight was SOOOO good

Ok I have officially seen Twilight and it was so good! I am already hooked and now I need to figure out how to get the books and when I can read them. I loved it!
I would say Edward with the Eward Jacob thing but I have only seen the movie


meleofa said...

jwoweeeeeee!!! i am seeing it on saturday. dustin is loathing seeing it with me, but he is going! hahahahaha. i am vair vair jealous! and we can talk all about it after i've seen it.

Sarah said...

GAH! You should see me; I'm practically green with envy!! I've read Twilight over 10 times (I stopped counting ...) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it (and the rest of the books!!!) I would totally let you borrow all 4 of my books, if you didn't live so far away. We're going to the movie Friday at 3:30 (my time) and I AM STOKED!!

You have to read the books. They are better than the movie :)

Shari said...

How fun! Lucky you I am hoping to see it this weekend, we will see what happens

Maliana said...

noooooooooooooo ways!! Jacob FTW! but anyways three weeks for me!! okay enough exclaiming, i bet they don't even do jacob right! okay foh reos i'm calm

MoBo said...

SCREEEECHSQUEEEL EARSPLITTING NOISES, wow, I just spent a minute trying to breathe, I think I was hyperventilating. I AM SO JEALOUS, thats why I was gonna come to guam you know? to see you guys, but to see Twilight a week before it comes out here too HEHEHEHE suck! see you guys next year hmm? you guys having a cold christmas?

My dear precious twilitghts are all being loaned out to friends and lete, I am spreading the twilight love and converting all who would not Read, they are so awesome, I am soooosooooosooooo excited for the movie, I'm getting all my friends to come with mehehehe ok FinitO!


MoBo said...

oh I just have one tiny question, Its something I am REAL curious about, but i dont have the book for reference so it might be total crap, but i would like a please please please only yes or no answer(sorry if i am ruining something): does Edward ever refer to bella as Love? as in

Bella: Edward?

Edward: Yes, Love

Cuz when I read someone using the the word Love like that I always put on a british accent in my head, (like "right Loov?") because anything else would be wierd and dumb sounding (in my head anyways haha) tanks for any assistance and sorry for any ruination Toodles PiP!