Friday, November 28, 2008

This week so far

This past week has been eventful when it comes to the camera. We went to the beach Tuesday morning. Its probably been over a month since we last went so it was great to go. Just Ritidian again. Then it was Thanksgiving on Thursday. We went to the branch turkey bowl. Luckily no one got hurt which apparently is a first for this branch. Alexander played with Teddy and I think the dogs name is grace. Its the branch presidents dog. Alexander loves Teddy. He just follows him around and Teddy actually plays with him and talks to him so I think Alexander really appreciates it.Our branch actually does a thanksgiving lunch. It was weird to me because it was actually on thanksgiving day so you either had a family thanksgiving or went to this. We obviously went because I have never cooked a turkey and I don't want to cook one for just Daniel and I. We were supposed to bring thanksgiving side dishes. We just brought a big bowl of stuffing. There wasn't much there that I would consider traditional thanksgiving food. Oh well I guess thats just Guam . Oh and Alexander likes playing with Eva now. Especially when she is in her stand up toy. He bounces it and laughs so they both just laugh and laugh. Then she gets overwhelmed and starts crying because he gets too rough. But she just stares at him all day. She loves her brother.


Hera said...

That is so cute that they play together. They will be good friends.

meleofa said...

I love that they play together. And that she just stares at him. That's beautiful. And Miriam, you are looking stunning. Your swimsuit colors look amazing on you. well done. :)

MoBo said...

I Agree with Mele'Ofa! you do lookin good! hahahah My nieces and Nephews are so Adorable! ahahha makes her cry ahhahah