Sunday, October 12, 2008

Daniel's Birthday the big 28

These are obviously Eva, you can do this with the panoramic option on the camera. This is when Bubba was getting his hair cut.

It was Daniel's 28Th Birthday yesterday (it is Andrew's today). Its the first time they have had "separate" birthday's. Ralph and Kathryn gave Daniel and I a NEW CAMERA. We are so excited because being in Guam without a camera has been challenging. It is a cool camera it takes panoramic pictures.
View of the living room area from the Kitchen area (open floor plan)

I think its just amazing. Well we had cake and ice cream for Daniel. His favorite yellow cake with chocolate frosting and his famous cheesecake. I will never make or help with a cheese cake again they take forever!. It was good though. I am going to post a few pictures we took with the new camera.

Daniel, Eva and Alexander after cake

Alexander also got a hair cut today. Kathryn cut it and it looks so much better. I think we will go snorkeling later today but we will see. Hopefully at Ipao beach. We will be able to test out the new camera.

First it was ticklish and fun

Then it was 'painful'

Then is was fun because he got to hold it while it was on.

Eva was just relaxing as Bubba got his hair cut

On Saturday we had a lot of fun. We went to Ritidian Point beach. That is our favorite beach just because it is so clean and peaceful. We went with the Jimenez family.

They grilled very yummy ribs and chicken and all the kids just played together.

Daniel, Ralph and Kathryn went out snorkeling and they saw angel fish. I think they really enjoy the snorkeling. Daniel loves it because he has someone to snorkel with. We never go out together because I only last a few minutes and I usually play with the kids. So he is really enjoying it. Oh and they other day when Ralph and Kathryn were snorkeling at the Hyatt beach they saw a blue starfish. Still on my list of what I want to see but I am sure I will see one.

Daniel and Ralph were then able to go to the Priesthood session together. It was a great day. Sunday was great too. We forgot to go on a Sunday drive but we were baking cakes all evening so it didn't work out.


Mable said...

I love the pictures of Bubba and Eva. Especially of Alexander getting his haircut. My question is: is Daniel pretending to be asleep in that first picture? It looks like you guys are having fun. I want to come out and see you, we'll have to see how much money I can save.

Sarah said...

Oh I love all those new pictures!!! Happy birthday Daniel! Just like Grandpa - yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Yum!