Sunday, October 26, 2008

their costumes

Alexander was a true viking! He kept running around with his axe all night. He really liked his costume. Eva ended up being a sunflower. After thinking about the votes I went to the material store but they didn't have anything that resembled sheep skin and I thought the spider outfit might be too hot for her over here. So I made her a sunflower.
Oh and Alexander one the award for cutest costume. There he is on the stage trying to be the center of attention

The youth had a Where's waldo competition thing at the mall on Saturday and Daniel was one of the waldo's he bulked up for the part and went as a white gansta. Thats all so far.



Maliana said...

aaaawww she's the cutest sunflower ever!

Marshall, Nany and Max said...

Miriam, you convinced me to re-write and tell the story. Check it out! -Marshall

Melisa said...

Alexander and Eva look great. Good job on the costumes.

MoBo said...

hahahahah The costumes are teh awesome harharhar alexander sounds like a little Nut hahaha