Thursday, October 2, 2008

When a Marketing Man finds religion

This is a random post but I just can't resist. On the way home to our house there is a church called and Abundant Life Church and they have a billboard with an inspirational message every week. Those messages always put a smile on my face, not because they are inspirational but because they are "unique". Here are a few examples:

"Are the wrinkles of life weighing you down,
make an appointment with us and get a 'faith lift'"
"Soak up The Son this Summer"
"If The Lord is riding shotgun then you are sitting in the wrong seat"
"God Created a myspace for you in Heaven"
but this one is my favorite:
"Having trouble sleeping at night come and listen to our pastor preach"
I think whomever makes the sign used to work in marketing for a Pharmaceutical Company.


Sarah said...

Oh snap - those are hilarious!

laura said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing! (wish you could post photographs) so funny...

Marshall, Nany and Max said...

hi miriam. Yes I have dual citizenship because Brazil honors it. So I will have both passports when I travel! However, If an american becomes a citizen of another country they would not have dual because USA does not honor it. Does that make sense? It costs about 800 bucks and rumor has it that it will go up significantly so do it while you still can! Hope you guys are having a good time over there. Let us know if there are any jobs...Marshall wants to get out of Utah bad! Talk to you guys soon!

Mitch said...

miss you guys...ran into andrew at the store