Sunday, October 19, 2008

Grandma and Opa's Visit


Ypao beach a lot of snorkeling and relaxing. This was the day EVERYONE got sunburned. We put quite a bit of sunscreen on but it didn't seem to work. Backs, arms, legs and faces.

Just sitting in the ocean relaxing

Daniel, Kathryn and Ralph going out for a snorkel

This is Daniel's first coconut tree that he got to the top of.
He picked two coconuts
As soon as we got home he macheted them open

We went to this cave a swam a bit, it was weird for me because I have never been in a cave.
It was kind of a bust because all these high school students were there. Apparently its a great skipping school hang out. Then we tried to go to this lookout point at Santa Rosa (an old volcano) and Daniel's truck got stuck in the deep mud.
We had to call a tow. We actually found the point after we were towed.
Then we went home and watched the BYU game over at the Jimenes' house. Great food and company but a bad game.


The day we were going to try to save face from the day before so we woke early and went to the swap meet/flea market. It was kind of fun. We bought crocks for Alexander and a new swimsuit for Eva. They had fresh crabs for sale (all still alive) and the fish were still flopping around. Daniel hates flea markets and any kind of shopping so we were out of there fast and decided to try to catch a dolphin tour boat ride. So we went down to Agat. Not too far away about 40 minutes or a half hour. So off we went. It started raining really badly. We got down there and found out we had to charter a boat. We were thinking about it but then it just wouldn't stop raining (when its raining you can't see much in the ocean here, you need the sun out) so we decided not to go and as I was trying to reverse my car (the murano) wouldn't gas. It moved but wouldn't respond to me pushing on the gas. So I went and parked and called Daniel to
come back. He tried to drive the car and turned it off and it wouldn't turn back on. So we called another tow man (30 minutes away) He came and tried to revive the car but forgot his jumper cables (he was the car help person our insurance provides) we found out nothing was working so he had to tow the car to Tamuning (20 minutes away from our house, 30 minutes from Agat). Augustine came and rescued us. We were there for about 2 hours so we looked up and down the marina and saw angel fish and a squid or octopus.

Daniel went to the Mechanic and he said the alternator and battery needed to be replace. 500 dollars. But Augustine has the same car as we do but in black and told me the alternators were recalled back in '05. So as soon as I got home I googled it and sure enough the alternators were all recalled for our car. So I called the Nissan Dealership and sure enough they are going to replace the alternator for free. Our day was all gone by the time all this happened. As soon as we got home Alexander laid on the floor and fell asleep (those are the new crocks he got that morning).

So Daniel and I got home and got ready for Rachel's baptism (I spoke and he said a prayer). We went and got some special brownies (not from that 70's show) and some Hawaiian food but everyone was exhausted at the end of the night. So our last days were not that great but I hope the majority of their stay was fun.


The blessing which I already blogged and Kathryn and Ralph left. They are off to Tokyo they should be landing in an hour or so. I hope they see a lot and take pictures.
This is right before we went to the airport.

Alexander is still really sad. He knows they are gone and keeps expecting them to come through the door.

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Shari said...

It looks like so much fun there! It is super pretty. I bet you are loving it!