Saturday, October 18, 2008

Shes blessed

I haven't blogged in a few days. We said goodbye to Kathryn and Ralph. It was sad and Daniel was and is still really sad but we will see them again in 2 years so that is great. It was so much fun having them and so refreshing. We wanted their last two days on Guam to be memorable and they were. Two tow trucks in two days. Memorable but not so fun. I have pictures from our last few days and I will post them. But yes Eva Sunna is Blessed. The people in the circle were Daniel (Dad), Ralph(Opa), Augustine(Our friend), Eric (our friend Daniel works with), Brother Brown (2nd counselor in District Presidency), Brother Davis (1st counselor in the Mission presidency), Brother West (1st counselor in the Branch presidency) She was a little cutie. Daniel said when they got up there she looked up and saw that they were all looking at her so she was smiling at all of them.
This is Eva in her blessing dress. The dress even had a petticoat in it. I think she felt special today. This is just outside the church by a hibiscus bush with her dad.
There she is posing for the camera again
After church before Ralph and Kathryn left
Alexander was holding her, he wasn't too happy about it but she didn't seem to mind.
Family Portrait at church

Father and son and granddaughter
Grandparent portrait, everybody is happy
Another one

We are really sad they are gone and I will do another post as a tribute to their visit with some more unseen pictures.

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Mable said...

That face Alexander is making is so classic because it is just like a face his Dad would make. And I love the smile Eva has on her face.

I miss you guys tons but I'm glad you're having a fun adventure in Guam.