Monday, February 16, 2009


Near the end of last year I made some hefty goals to read more books each month for the rest of my life. I was doing really well until my current book. I am reading Gone with the wind. I have been at it for 5 days now and I am just past pg 100 and there are 700 pages. I think I picked the wrong kind of book. I choose to read the copy I bought in England for 10p at a really old bookstore in Ely. It is the first impression in England so its quite old and it makes it difficult to read. Has anyone read this book? I have seen the movie several times and this is my first attempt at reading it. I think I need to have 2 or 3 books going at a time. It helps me keep focused. (as long as they are from completely different genres) I think I need a bookshelf to shelve all my books so I can look at the ones I have not read and be inspired to read them. I am trying not to do any rereads but I am addicted to the Twilights (lucky I don't own any of them yet or I would be in trouble) and I am tempted to read the Narnia's again (I do own those) those are quick reads though so maybe that will keep me motivated. We will see.

Oh here are some pictures from Bubba's little birthday party. Eva wanted to eat the cakes but all she got was wrapping paper and a sponge bob party hat.


Chelsea said...

I've read GWTW probably 5 times, its one of my favorites. Stick with it, its well worth it!

MoBo said...

I started reading that back in the days, I started it many times HeHE. I recon it might be one of those for me. Narnia and LotR were the same, I started them soooo many times,(well not LotR, but FotR took me AGES to get through the begining, the way of hobbits does not much interest me, or rather didnt, I should reread to see if It does now heeeheee) But Yeah Still havent finished it, I dont like how conniving and selfish and jerk face she is, but maybe there is a redeeming Quality in the book? one day I'll see hehe

I am reading twilight again muaha q:


Hera said...

babies are quite happy with wrapping paper. You will perhaps have noticed at Christmas.
Easy to plesase.

Hera said...

I have gone with the wind. Tried to read it once. The sentences are so long. I ended up reading and skipping words and going bla bla bla. Well I will read it one day when I have nothing to worry about hehe.

Sioseline Jimenez said...

The movie was enough for me. I can only handle so much of Scarlett's drama. I can't do drama Bella. You know we didn't get along so well...LOL

I miss your kids!! I don't know who misses them more, me or my kids.

MoBo said...

LoL mamma read a book like "blablabla" hahaha