Saturday, February 21, 2009

Daniels Post

So for peopl who read this blog you know that I (Daniel) don't post very often. There won't be any entertaining pictures in this one (too much effort) but a few fun facts. We were eating french toast last night, I love breakfast for dinner, and I noticed that my 3 year old son takes 4 bites to eat one piece of french toast, that is because we slice his french toast into for peices, who used to dip them in syrup and eat each one a bite at a time. Now he shoves each piece in his mouth one at a time and it takes him about 20 seconds to chew it and get it all the way down. So it only takes him a little over a minute to eat one piece of french toast. Next time I am going to get his pieces in thirds to see if he can brake the minute mark. I am not force feeding my son he is just entertaining to watch. Another fun thing to do with him is to take him to a Mcdonalds play place. This is really entertaining. He does not care if it is too big for him or if he is going to get stuck in the tubes, which he does and then we hear this "Mamma Hyelp Hyelp" and after a while it stops and then we see him come out the slide ready to go back in. I just laugh but Miriam hits me and says "You are going in after him if he is stuck" Which I wouldn't mind doing. On this last visit it was hilarious. This particular play place had an area with landings that alternated that were about 2 feet apart in height from each other. Well he couldn't go in that way so he went in the tube way and was in there for like 10 minutes when we see him emerge on top of the landing area. He tries to climb down and lowers himself backwards over them (so his stomach is facing the landing and he is going backwards) well he couldn't see the landing he was trying to get to this way and when he lowered himself he was literally about ONE inch away from the other landing, but since his feet couldn't touch while he was still on the upper landing he started screaming "Mamma hyelp hyelp!" We told him to just do down he could make it. eventually when he realized we weren't coming he was able to shimy himself back on the upper landing and go back the way he came from. I thought this would deter him from trying to go back the landing way but this time he coaxed a girl that was in there to help him down. I don't know if he was dissapointed in us because we couldn't get him, but it was just funny to me to see his feet dangling one inch away from the landing and him calling for hyelp.


Maliana said...

bahahah i can just imagine :D

Sarah said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog in weeks and there's lots of great stuff on here! I love all the new pics and the new stories. And I love Twilight :) I just re-read Breaking Dawn ... love it!!

Hera said...

That is just too funny and he is very stubborn hahahahaha