Friday, February 13, 2009

Today in the Reeves in New Mexico Household

I decided to blog today. Once you let a good habit die it dies hard so I am going to try to blog more now that I have my computer again. Well yesterday we went to Peter Piper Pizza. It was fun. I forgot the camera so I tried to take pictures with my phone but I don't know how to transfer them onto the computer. Oh well. Oh but yesterday I got my perfect set of dishes. There is a story behind it so here it is.

Last year in Guam I bought some cheap sets of dishes from a girl who was moving from the Branch. I didn't like the dishes but we needed dishes so I got them and figured I would replace them with something I liked that would go with what I wanted for my kitchen. So we went to Kmart one of the many times that we did and I saw the PERFECT dishes. They were Martha Stewart and $60 for a set of 4. Well I figured Daniel could get me two sets for Mother's day which was coming up in a month or so. Two weeks before mother's day weekend I went to Kmart to make sure they were still there and they were and on SALE for $40 for a set for 4. When mother's day weekend rolled around we went to Kmart with the intention of buying them and they were ALL GONE. There were at least 15 sets up top the week before and I had noticed everytime I went to Kmart that no one had bought any and they were always all still there. Thus I was thoroughly disappointed. Daniel said we could buy another set whatever I wanted we could hop over to Macy's and see if they had some Martha Stewart I liked. So we did and nothing. I am glad now that I didn't buy those dishes because I would have had to give them away again and I don't like giving my perfect dishes away anymore. In the following weeks I would check the Ross to see if the dishes were discontinued and sent over there but they weren't.

Now we are back in the present time. Two days ago when my internet was finally up I went to craigslist and was looking for dressers and bookshelves and stuff like that and I found a seller who had brand new unopened dish sets. So I took a gander and voile there are two 4 person sets of my PERFECT plates that I didn't get in Guam. Totally unopened brandnew. She bought them (probably compulsively) and never even opened them. She wanted $20 a set OBO. I would usually say yes I will take them but dishes aren't really high on my priority list right now. So I went the OBO route and told her I would give her 25 for both sets and I would pick them up that night if she wanted. She actually said yes and I got my perfect dishes. I am so excited about them (dumb I know) but even the bowls are large and deep just like Daniel likes. Anyway that is my dish story for the day.

Here is a picture:

So I need not buy dishes ever again. Unless Bubba or Eva break them all. I think I should invest in some plastic ones for the kids to keep that from happening.

Here are some pictures of Eva from Sunday when Daniel and Alexander were taking afternoon naps and we were both bored waiting for them to get up.

P.S I finally have my murano back and the engine is now in place. I still need to get my break pads done, oil changed and tires rotated but that will have to wait until next week.
Random side not:

After I was done writing this post Bubba started crying because he was stuck, look what he got stuck in, as soon as the camera comes out he is all smiles. I promise he didn't break it Meleofa and you will get it back in tip top shape the next time we come up to Utah.


meleofa said...

hahahaha! so fun! I love when things works out so well (the dishes) And I love that Bubba fits in that thing. hehehehe. The pics are so cute, especially the one of you and Eva. :D

Maliana said...

wow your plates are beautiful i'm glad you got them, you totally secret-ed them to you :p and that picture of Eva is amazing, you have beautiful babies

Sioseline Jimenez said...

I L.O.V.E. the picture of Eva!!

Hera said...

Alexander always makes me laugh. He looks so cheeky.
Eva's eyes are so beautiful and huge.

Hera said...

I used to have nice plates, glasses and figurines. Seven children later they are all gone hehe.
These things don't matter much anymore.

MoBo said...

that was an Awesome story, and pictures are really cute. And Alexander is a cheeky bum HahAha