Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Resident Alien

I got my 10 year green card in the mail yesterday. I am very happy about it. That is finally all done. I can technically apply for citizenship this coming December 13th but I don't want to drop $1200 for it at the end of the year so I think I will wait a few years. I price goes up every year but I am hoping to be in better financial standing in a few years where dropping that much money wont hurt as much. So now I can travel to other places without any difficulty but I wont be traveling for awhile.

On a side note does anyone have any good ideas for brown bagging it. I have been researching money saving tips and apparently brown bagging it to work is one of the main ones people don't see. I was thinking about it and even if you only spent 5 dollars a day on lunch at work (most people spend a lot more than that at restuarants) you are spending $100 a month on just one person just for lunch. So there is a possibility for savings there. So any good ideas. I know if I do the same thing for even a week straight Daniel won't eat it and it will just be a waste of food and effort.


MoBo said...

WOW what a picky boy! what if you were to do a two week Menu roster type deal, or is that not possible either? what about a month, is that still too samey? or are you talking about food ideas? hehe specifics? heheheheh I am trying to do the same thing, but not for monies, but because work food is so unhealthy. Me and my friend are trying to trade off bringing dinner(we work afternoon/night shift) but we are lazy hehe, so if you have ideas, That would be awesome to hear TOO!

Maliana said...

hmm i come home for lunch and have whatever,

but i also work in a supermarket so that makes it easier

i find supusui is good to warm up (i find it's tastiest with chicken), tastes good, has veggies, is way easy to make, and it's cheap, but that's me.

can't really think of anything else

Hera said...

It's hard to give suggestions because Daniel is a picky eater. Your dad was happy to get whatever I gave him in England. He had a healthy meal.
A couple of weeks worth of planning should be enough. Tell Daniel he needs to learn not to be so picky. Pretend you are in a situation where food is scarce. Like using the food storage.
Good luck.

MoBo said...

DID YOU KNOW SAMOAN "supsui" DOESNT HAVE VEGES?!?!??!?!??! they just have BEEF(or chozen meats) SOY SAUCE AND FUNNY NOODLES, iisnt that SHOCKING?!?!?!?!??! its also very yummy, I prefer beef, but I think that is a subconscious preference because I work ina chicken Factory hehe.

I like Tuna fish salad(thats what I call it) its tuna and swirly noodles and egg with mayonays all mixed together, MMMM its delicious, but I have a simple tongue. oh samoan supsui is also very quick, just ten minutes, AMazing huh? and Delicious

MiriamR said...

I wonder if Samoans get gout alot if there are no veggies