Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander

Alexander is three today. I feel so bad because he doesn't have any little friends here. Lucky for us he is only three so unless something traumatic happens he won't remember. We are taking him to peter piper pizza. I have never been there but daniel says its good. I am letting him do what he wants today so he has been eating valentine hearts all day from his Grandma Kathryn. He has wanted to watch movies all day. The three pictures are his different expressions today from watching Harry Potter.

His terrible threes have already started. This was two days ago. I was cleaning the living room and he thought this would be fun. Eva went along with it but then I heard her start to complain and I freaked out really badly because well just look at Eva it looks like he cut her face up and she was bleeding.

Nope just Daniel's expensive drawing marker things. Alexander was able to find the only markers in the house once again. At least it was not all over the walls. Just the kids and the tv.

Anyway happy birthday Alexander we love you.


Maliana said...

hahha that is so awesome what a cheeky bugger! hahahah and terrifying at the same time i can imagine, oh the joys of motherhood eh?

Chelsey said...

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Hera said...

Happy birthday Alexander. We miss you so much. Take good care of Eva.
Those photos are so expressive and funny in some ways.
Eva has such a expressive face.
It's a joy seeing those photos.

MoBo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA THAT IS MUCH FUNNY. what a talented kid, finding those markers. What was he watching with the last expression picture, Looks intense! teeheeee Happy Birthday!

Sioseline Jimenez said...

Happy Birthday Alexander. Tell mommy that its the Terrifice 3s!!