Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WE are Homeowners

That is right we are officially homeowners. After months of searching we finally found the one and we got the keys on Monday (small super random note, getting a mortgage is WAY easier than getting a greencard!!! I am not saying mortgageness is not difficult it is but Green card is FAR WORSE). There is a lot of work to do before we move in (painting and cleaning, carpets floors gross animal smells think of the dump and you are close (previous renter of the house had 4 dogs 2 cats and a giant lizard iguana thing) and getting things how we want them) but its a great house and we are really happy with it. I have been going half days with the kids to the house for prep. I wish I had more energy to get things done but I must take the pace that my body allows.

Eva was awake all night crying and then this morning was complaining that her foot hurt. She said "OUCHIE" every time she tried to walk. I wasn't worried until I checked her foot the 3rd time and I bent it outward and she yelled ouchie so we had to go to the doctor and get x-rays. She hated it all and got super fussy. I have been pushing her around in the stroller because she cries and yells ouchie whenever she gets to her feet. Its swollen and no breaks or fractures so far. Carrying a 27lb baby around all day long is tough. She is so wiggly and stubborn too. Alexander is trying to be understanding but acting out. He kept telling me he was mad at the doctor for making Eva cry. Eva kept telling me her body hurt. I have been keeping an Ace bandage on her foot but she wants to wear both shoes and as I look at her right now she took the bandage off. Great. I must say its been a trying day for us all.

At the house we are currently trying to finish the kitchen to at least be able to move our current things in there so we can be there longer in the days. Here is all the taping we have done. It doesn't look like alot but it takes forever (plus I cleaned all the cabinets inside and out and the ceiling). Tomorrow is the first paint.(Alexander loves the open space, I am sure he will hate the furniture)
I will keep you posted.
P.S I hate the microwave thing in the kitchen picture. At some point I want to replace it with a Hood for the stove because there is grease stuff EVERYWHERE for the lack of a good hood. I was even cleaning the ceiling. Luckily it all came off.


Mitch said...

congrats guys! you still in NM?

Mitch said...

congrats guys! you still in NM?

MoBo said...

WOW thats GREAT! i like the window thing in the living area place, its odd hahaha awesome! well done. sounds like you are workin supa Hard! and the house looks nice, and im sure you will make it mucho better. What are the informations? rooms and stuff

Hera said...

How is Eva's foot. Do you know yet what is wrong with it? I hope you are all better.