Monday, April 26, 2010

Last Weekend

Carpet is coming into the upstairs either at the end of this week or the beginning of next week so we need to get all the rooms upstairs painted. We started with the master bedroom on Saturday here are some befores:

Daniel was hard at working cutting in the ceiling
and here is the After. This is my favorite corner in the room because of all the light. The color I chose is called cement. Thats kind of funny I know. Alexander and Eva insisted on posing when they saw the camera come out.
Here is Daniel ripping off tape and putting the door stops back in( that little room thing to the left is going to be my closet. Its HUGE.
We also painted the guest room. I had been picking up Oops paint at Lowes and Home Depot for $5 a gallon thinking those were the colors I wanted. Daniel made sure I tested them on the wall first and I hated them. So we got an empty paint can and mixed 4 different colors together until we hit a gallon and I actually like the color now. It is a light olive green. I didn't take a picture because we keep that room locked because of the construction zone atmosphere and we don't want the kids getting hurt. Its a pretty dark color though at least I think it is so EVERYTHING in there is going to have to be white and light but that ofsets the color well.

Sunday was not so productive. There was a cold front on Thursday and I think the kids and I got sick that day. We were dressed warm with sweaters and things but we were in flipflops and I think that wasn't smart. Anyway on Friday the kids were sick and just laying around on couches while we painted upstairs. I felt sick but not where I could really feel it just the burning throat and starting of a runny nose. But by night fall I had to take medicine and all the places on my face hurt. Sunday morning at 7 we woke up to get ready for church and the kids were WORSE and I was Way WORSE too. Daniel started to feel the sick coming and so we had to stay home. I was wishing I would be better by then because I hate missing any church especially on the first few weeks of your new ward. But contaminating the primary is not an option. I felt so sick Saturday night that I didn't want to go to the grocery store for last minute Sunday things so we didn't have any bread. We made our first rolls all sick and gross but we made them and they were yummy so I am finally encouraged to try again

and that was our weekend. I am still sick but Daniel got enough sleep last night to not get sick. I need to take it a little easier so that I get all the way better. I hate when colds linger. Wish us luck with our huge todo list for the week including finding paint colors for the office/hallway and the kids room.


Chelsey said...

I love the paint color. You have lovely taste, Miriam! I do love your style!

Hera said...

Your rolls look yummy from start to finish.

MoBo said...

your bread looks so yum, and that greany and whitey sounds really Great, Hope you guys are all better since its weeks later huuhuhuuhuu