Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our new house

We are officially 'in' out new house (meaning we are out of the old one but there are just boxes as furniture) there is still ALOT to do. Here are some things I have learned being a homeowner:

  • Animals are the WORST investment!!! Do not get one if you can avoid it.
  • Crowbars are very good investments (I got a mini one called a smart bar)
  • Shopvacs are necessary. They suck up spills out of carpets!!
  • paint is a GREAT investment, it adds your personality but with $30 you can make it plain again
  • having flooring is nice
I have been working really hard at the house. Daniel has been working really hard at work the summer is coming so the tough (meaning many many many more hours) season is coming.

To be honest I didn't think such a new home could be such a fixer upper. To be honest again it only needs paint and floors but we are just impatient. We have already ordered our carpet. It should be in the store on the 29th so just a few more weeks. I am going to rip up all the carpets before then so I can make sure to treat the floors so the gross animal stuff doesn't ruin my new carpets our down stairs is another story though. I have ripped up all the carpets and tack boards and alexander helped me mop the concrete yesterday. We are trying to get it to smell like concrete and not cat and dog urine. This is why I say don't get animals. This house is no more than 3 years old and it smells like someone died in here and the corpse was here for 5 years straight. I am serious about that. It is all because of the animals the lady had. When we first saw it all I smelled was cigarette smoke. Now I wish it smelled like cigarette smoke. Anyway so she had like 4 dogs and 2 cats and a giant lizard thing. NONE of the animals were house trained and it shows for sure. If I rented out a house I would NEVER allow pets. Not after seeing this anyway. Or I would charge a $2000 deposit to replace all my carpets. However I am being harsh. I don't think any of the messes were ever cleaned after the pets peed so thats gross all in itself. All I know is I need a dyson already and I only have a little dog who isn't allowed out of his bed for more than a few minutes (unless he is running in the back yard) Luckily for me he can't get up the stairs (he is that small) so he will never EVER be in the carpeted area We are putting laminate wood floors down stairs so its more pet friendly. He is not potty trained either and i read that you should NEVER let them out in your house until they are potty trained or they will keep doing it.

Wow that was a rant. Sorry about this rant but I think all the animal junk here (hair and pee) had given me extra allergies which makes me extra useless in the mornings. The good thing is that I bath lil Dolce regularly so that he doesn't add to the smell here.
I am sure animals that are potty trained are great and that dysons are the best investment ever. I haven't told Daniel yet but I am getting a Dyson as soon as my current vacuum breaks.

Oh and don't get me wrong I love my new house. I will just love it more after I have treated it all to not smell. I actually love all my projects I have. I HATED not doing anything. I will be sad when the projects run out though.

Here is my downstairs floors except the bathroom and kitchen which are tiled.


meleofa said...

I love the smell of bleach. I kept thinking of how gross the animal smells must have been, and then I think of how good spraying bleachy water on the concrete would smell. I spray the bathroom with a bleach solution just because. I am a sick sick person. :D

Suzanne said...

WOW~ Miriam, that sounds like a TON of work. You poor thing. But I bet it feels SO great cleaning it all up. Pretty soon you'll be done! Hope you are feeling good!

MoBo said...

hoohoohooo your tales make one think it was disgustingly ógeð hahahaha House making is fun!