Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

We started off with the Christmas Eve Book.
Very nice I highly recommend this one and watching the performance.
Then Santa stopped by
He put these in their stockings to remind them not to be naughty

We made them wait in our bed while
Daniel got them some juice and turned on the Christmas music

Eva Loves her little Kitchen

Alexander loves his new trainset
(I made the train table, sorry I didn't have a camera
when I did it it was super ugly and now its a train table,
Santa brought us a very nice new camera
that we are still trying to figure out)

Eva also loves the trainset

Opening gifts

The Stockings.

There. that was a Christmas morning SOOO much fun watching them love all their gifts and Alexander is skipping his nap today because he has a lot of playing on his schedule.
Merry Christmas!


Unifer said...

I love your photos!! your kids are so cute!! looks like they had fun :D hugs! ohh and good job on the photography! you into that?

Hera said...

It looks like I am looking at little Miriam haha. She has the same haircut you had at that age haha.
Great kids. It´s always lovely to hear students say thanks for the teaching.

MoBo said...

i love your pictures, and you have big presents hahaha