Monday, December 14, 2009


I really love Christmas. We started the 13 santas 2 days early I think. I wanted Daniel to be able to see the kids faces in the morning, so I started early. They LOVE the things they are getting. Day 1 was snow globes, plastic ones Day 2 was little battery powered lanterns a santa and a penguin. Day 3 gloves, I know boring but Alexander thinks its a puppet and Eva just loves owning them. Eva especially loves this because she knows the items are hers. She won't let go of her things even to put clothes on. I have never seen her so fiesty.

This last weekend we had a lot of Christmas fun. On Saturday we went to our ward Christmas party at 9am it was a breakfast. Daniel got to sing in the living Christmas card. He got called to be a ward missionary and suggested they do the living Christmas card that he used to do on his mission. It was a hit and he is going with the missionaries every night this week. He is very excited.

They had a Santa clause at the end and Daniel kept telling Alexander to tell santa he wanted a train set and blocks for christmas and so Alexander kept telling me that was what he wanted and when it came time for Santa he lost all his nerve. He liked him though, no screaming there. We took some pictures on the phone but Daniel has the phone they are on so I will post pictures later.

Then we went home for naps for the kids. Later that day there was a Christmas parade. It was fun all the cars and trucks in the parade had lights on them. It gets dark at 5 here so it was perfect. The kids loved it and the parade people threw candy at us so the kids were in heaven.

Sunday was the best Sunday EVER. Eva started Nursery. She turned 18 months on Saturday so she was officially allowed in. Daniel has been going in with her for the 3rd hour to get used to it. She likes it much more than sitting with me in Primary. She did really well all by herself but she was crying at the end. Her nursery leaders said someone pushed her at the end so thats why she was crying nothing else. SO YAY. I think its every parents dream for their children to go into Nursery.

Alexander goes into Primary next year so that should be exciting. I am in junior primary so I will be able to help him if he needs to go to the bathroom or if he has a rough time. They are both growing up so fast. Church will become lovely with Eva in Nursery alot less stressful.

Anyway thats what has been happening so far this Christmas in the Reeves' Household.


Wiley Family said...

oh how great. Congrats on having both kids in nursery/primary. I know what you mean about having the kids going to their own classes. They like it too. Its gives them a sense of independence. Can you believe in just a couple of weeks our kids will be in primary. Im excited to to how that goes as well. Good to hear you are having a wonderful Christmas season thus far.

Allison said...

What are the 13 Santas? Congratulations on the nursery, Paigie would never go by herself, so they finally called me to go in there with her. Sounds like you are having a great Christmas season!

MoBo said...

WOOHOO! so are those two good together in Nursery? not naughty or anything? hahahaha Are you going to threaten them with potatoes if they are naughty??? the pressies sound Awesome. Happy times

Hera said...

Wonderful traditions. Lucky children to have grandparents from all over the globe haha. Wonderful photos.