Saturday, December 5, 2009

I've been Lazy

I am finally posting something. Great News yesterday we said goodbye to our Murano. I was a little shocked when it was gone and Alexander kept asking "wheres the car?" over and over (he knows the difference between the truck and car). I am so happy about it thought! I have been wanting it sold since Guam and now it is. Wohoo Merry Christmas to me.

I haven't felt like it is Christmas at all but yesterday did it for me. One of Daniel's co-workers was singing in a Christmas concert and invited us and it was wonderful! It was works from Handel's Messiah. They were so talented I couldn't believe it!! They ended with Hallelujah or whatever that powerful song is called and it was amazing! It reminded me that Christmas is about Christ and I was grateful for that message. We got all our Christmas shopping for the lil ones done! I am happy that is all over now we just need to do things to keep the Christmas Spirit in our home. We love our tree I feel likes its HUGE. Eva and Alexander take all the bottom ornaments off everyday so I try to reapply them at night but it is starting to look pretty naked at the bottom. Maybe they are hiding them.

We drove around last night to look at Christmas lights and Alexander LOVED it. Today we are going to go collect pine cones so I can finally finish my wreath. I feel like I have so many things to do before Christmas and then it will be here! I am waiting for my Christmas cards to get here. I ordered them online and can't wait to send them out. No Pictures because the camera is dead and buried. Sorry about that. Merry Christmas!!

P.S I am doing the 13 Santas this year for the first time. I have all my things ready I need to do some more research on the Santas names (if you don't understand its an Iceland tradition including shoes and treats and every morning 13 days before Christmas) If you have a good site for the 13 Santas please let me know.


Hera said...

In Iceland it's 12 days before Christmas the 24th. Well if you have the 25 it's 13 haha.

Have fun. And when he kids get older and find out their other friends don't get stuff in their shoe you tell them you have to be Icelandic to get stuff haha.

meleofa said...

hahahaha. Yeah, I was just going to tell you that Mamma put a link up on facebook, but I think she did it here too. :D It's great. It has their names and their mischief. I love that you are feeling Christmasy. Yay for that.

Wiley Family said...

im doing the 13 santas too. i would do it before but not consistantly, like I would forget to put something in the shoe hahahaha. I think its a great tradition to pass to the kids. Glad to hear your car is gone. are you getting another one?