Monday, December 28, 2009

After Christmas lounging

All we have been doing for the last few days is go to Church and this:

Daniel waited for the lil ones to go to bed
to set it up just the way he wanted it
like this:

It currently looks like this:

Eva and Alexander have been trying to surf the waves
with their new kick boards for
swimming this summer.

Daniel keeps helping them make houses with the blocks.
Alexander loves houses.
This one reminds me of the Weasley house,
the tall tower is compliments of Eva,
she just likes to build separate towers.Eva trying to get the most out of the toys as possible.

Now I have to try to pack for our trip.


MoBo said...

AWESOME! that last picture is really great, Did Alexander Use his cowboy boot for santa??? hahaha hope you guys have a great and safe trip. Love ya!

Wiley Family said...

I love the train table. So purtty!! Nice clear pics too. must be the lovely prezzie santa left you guys :)

Hera said...

Lovely photos