Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our week in Utah

We had a great time in Utah but now we are home and I can sort of relax. Alexander was sick all night so its been a rough morning but it looks like he is on the mend. I am going to post the Utah trip in different posts because we did a lot. I didn't have my camera out half the time so yeah.

This is on the way to Utah just out side of Moab

and this is on the way home The home trip was pretty bad so we were glad to get home and sleep in our own beds. We got snow all the way into New Mexico which was unexpected. More to come later

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Hera said...

Yes snow in most unlikely places. Good to have snow clothes on hand in the preparedness area of your life.
England is having the same snow like last year. They had snow before we did. It usually just snows in January or February in England then the snow only stays for a week or so and only about 2 inches. Now you would think they lived in Norway or something like that.