Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nap time

Nap time is a glorious time in this household! I drop Alexander off at the bus then we come home and I put Eva and Jamison down for naps. Then I do whatever I want. I don't generally take naps anymore because there is too much to do around here and because if I do it takes forever to fall asleep at night. Anyway Alexander and Eva are sick today so I kept Alexander home from preschool. He has grown out of naps so when I told them it was night night time he ran upstairs as fast as he could and I heard running around up there. Eva and I came up the stairs and I found Alexander all ready for his nap:

He has grown out of the naps but Eva has to see him go down for a nap or she won't. So I usually let him out after I hear Eva has stopped talking unless he falls asleep. Today he planned ahead and took one of my old magazines and some scissors so he could practice cutting (we were practicing cutting this morning). He has to sleep in the guest room during naps because he and Eva empty the dressers and all the hanging clothes onto the floor and don't nap when I stick them together.

Seeing him get himself all ready for his "nap" time made me laugh so I took a picture.


Wiley Family said...

isn't it so great when the children cooperate with mamma hahahahha. great job alexander.

Brittany said...

oh that is funny! He is getting so big!