Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Angel

Eva's Past 24 hours

11/5/2010 4:45 pm-- Miriam came home with a new glass bowl that she was going to use to decorate at Christmas. We put some left over candy corn in their told Eva she could have candy after we got back from Alexanders fair at his school and not to touch it. We put the candy bowl all the way in the back corner of the counter were not even Alexander can reach it. Miriam and I go upstairs to get ready. Normally we hear Eva pushing chairs across the floor when she wants to get something off of the counter. We didn't hear anything, all we hear is the bowl smash with candy corn and glass all over the floor, the funny thing is the bowl was smashed on the opposite side of the kitchen where we left it.

11/5/2010 7:30 pm.--On our way back in the car Eva takes the lid off of her drink and dumps it all over herself and the car.

11/6/2010 8:00 am.--We wake up to Alexander yelling "Uh oh EVA!" When we get downstairs we see a brand new package of Pringles opened and crushed all over the floor and water from somewhere has also been poured all over the floor. Normally she wakes us up on Saturday Mornings by banging on our door. She must have remembered that Mamma had bought snacks when we she went grocery shopping the day before because she snuck downstairs.

11/6/2010 11:00 am.--Dad comes home from a volunteer community clean-up, Mamma is upstairs with Jamison and Alexander. Eva is downstairs on the couch with a brand new loaf of bread crumbled and scattered all over the couch.

11/6/2010 1:30 pm.-- We had just put Eva down for a nap when we hear her banging on the door. We open the door to see that she has taken her diaper off and peed on the floor. We are not so mad about this one because we are potty training her.

We are taught patience every single day, sometimes every single hour, by our daughter the Angel

(This was by Daniel)


Hera said...

The joys of childhood. This is not from Miriam. She did not get into mischief as a kid like that. Mele'Ofa did though and Matelita too.

Chelsey said...

Busy girl! She sounds a lot like our Norah! Never Stops and so independent!