Tuesday, November 9, 2010

2 Months

Jamison turned 2 months last week or the week before and I took he and Eva to the doctor and he really is a big boy.
He is 23 inches long
He weighs 14 lb 11 oz
and he has a big head.

No shock there :) The reason I say he really is big because he was 85th percentile for height 95th for weight and 95th for his head. That is a really good size for heads in our little family. Alexander has never been on the chart.

Eva also had a wellness check up and she is in the 60th for height 60th for weight and 95th for head. We always though she was a small child but apparently she is an average sized child but our boys are just big. Here is Jamison discovering his hands
This is the look I get all day long unless I am talking to him. When I talk to him he smiles. He is a very smiley baby and I LOVE IT.


Wiley Family said...

I love his expression in the last pic. hahahaha he is just soooo cute!!! How big was his head at birth. Aiden's head is 14 inches and they said that was a big head so im curious.

Sarah said...

Hahaha, he weights almost as much as Spencer... and Spencer is 7 months old!!! Lol! Such a cutie though.

Hera said...

My handsome ommustrakur.