Saturday, January 9, 2010

Friday Night with the Reeves

Last Night we celebrated Daniel's new promotion by going to Rudy's BBQ which is Texas styled BBQ it was really good but they didn't sell a single vegetable there, unless you count baked potato or corn on the cob. Before we went to dinner we went and got Daniel some new work clothes because he needed them :) He spotted these boots on Wednesday and there was only one pair left in his size. I made him wait on them because they were expensive and I wanted to do the shoe test (If you can't stop thinking about them for a day or two then you really like them) As soon as he got home from work yesterday he rushed us out the door to go get them. He put them on as soon as we got to the car. I have never seen him react to shoes this way. (He has officially experienced shoe love) I told him they look like Australian cow boy boots. They are Timberlands and 100% leather and WATER Proof. Thats right water proof not water resistant. Here they are :)
That was as exciting as the night got. Daniel put on his Nuggets game and fell asleep right away while I sat in the dinning area and did this:

Thats right I haven't put anything in a file for the last 3 months and piles of paper and whateverness had accumulated all over the house. I do this every 3 months, I take a laundry basket and travel the house and find all the unorganized junk and file it, trash it and organize. (I used to do it once a month but I have digressed) Its very therapeutic. Especially when you get to have one of these keep you company:
I didn't finish until midnight. Oh well at least its done. Then at about 2am Eva was screaming (she has been doing this a lot so I think I will stick her back in Bubbas room) she seems to hate to be alone. I have started leaving her door open and turning the hall light on (yes I tried a night light and it worked for one night only) that makes her not cry but then she starts kicking the wall because she is wide awake. I got up with her and watched a movie hoping that would do the trick. NOPE still wide awake. We are going a little crazy. She hates to be alone and hates the dark but I HATE having her in our bed she turns horizontal straight away kicks off all the covers and kicks and whacks you in the face. At least Alexander enjoys his sleep still. I didn't get to bed until 430 and then got up at 8 because Eva was awake and I came out to find this:

It made me laugh. He LOVEs his Saturday morning cartoons.


Chelsey said...

Your clutter piles look just like mine. I find it hard to be a dedicated organizer sometimes.

Matt and Suzanne said...

Hooray for Daniel's promotion! Gotta love that. I just went through all of my papers and mail from the holidays! I feel like life is just nuts after Christmas. Oh and I love the joy that comes from shoe love. ;)

MoBo said...


that is the only word to describe Alexander HAHAHA! Eva is a strange Kid, I've ALWAYS loved sleep! its only recently that I have stopped that hahaha

WOOHOO for Daniels Promotion! You are some fancy guys hooohoo

maybe Eva has night terrors

Daniels boots sure do look like an Aussie dudes, now all he needs is some stubbies, an odd shirt, a cowboy hat and a beer and he could pass for one, dont forget the socks