Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Key to successful New Years Resolutions

Its a no brainer really. Consistency. If you are not consistently trying to accomplish them they fade out of your memory and fail.

I wrote out my resolutions a few weeks ago and I figured I would share some on here because I find posting a resolution tends to make it easier to do because of the obligation I feel to complete it.

*put all my developed photos into albums this year ( I hate having items in boxes unless they are seasonal decorations)
*Continue with my 52 books a year
*make one afternoon a week a me hour (give myself a pedicure or whatever)
*do a project a week (the subject does not matter)
*use the camera once a day
*start to write in my journal once a week (I know what a wuss with not making it once a day but then I would be setting myself up for failure)

Those are some of my measurable resolutions. Daniel and I like to make 5 year plans. I feel like we are still too young to make 10 year plans well we could stick goals in but things are still changing so rapidly in our lives. We could make financial goals but As the cliche states "who knows what the future holds"

My theme this year is happiness. I am slowly coming to realize that happiness is indeed a state of mind. No matter your circumstances you chose whether you are happy so I tried to make resolutions that would bring me some outer shell happiness.

My personal fine year plan has changed significantly specifically: Getting a Masters degree and starting this year. Over the past few months I have pondered it over and over (I do this when I am sanding or painting, in my mind its meditation just me and my thoughts) and for my ultimate goals starting my masters this year doesn't fit.

I know I could get a masters I would work very hard and get it done that is not the issue here (never really has been the issue). I want to get a masters AND a PHD AND a SUCCESSFUL Career for when my children are grown and gone. I want to be able to give back and be passionate about what I am doing. As I pondered I looked back on going to BYU. I worked hard but I was never focused enough on my education. I always had so much going on and was constantly juggling life. I don't regret it at all but it made me realize that I want something different for when I get my masters. I want to be able to focus and do my best and be happy with my work. The problem with my years at BYU was I always knew I could have done better. So I have decided to wait until my last child starts elementary school and that year I will start my masters. That seems like FOREVER when I write it but I feel thats the way to go (who knows what the future holds though right) I realize life will still be hectic and crazy then but at least I will be able to attend classes and study without having to find a babysitter in the day to do so. Also who knows when I will have my last child. Well I have a general idea about that so I guess I do have a 10 year plan in the back of my head. Now I just need to keep my mind stimulated until then. Books Books Books conversation and then Books again.

I had a year of fun books in 2009 and I really feel I should start focusing on the area of History that I plan to master and read all the books that come out for it. After all that is what all my professors used to do keep up on all the literature. I have written way too much in this post but I needed to get it out onto paper. I guess I should go buy a new journal for that! I used to keep a great journal, well it was consistent not great but I filled my last one back in 2006 and I haven't bought a new one since! How am I supposed to keep a journal without one? I guess I didn't think that one through, Off to a store to find a new journal tomorrow!

Picture of the day:

Daniel got a promotion, this was one of his first official duties.


Matt and Suzanne said...

Wonderful resolutions, I'm impressed. I too would like to go back to school...someday. Setting goals and planning for the future is fun. Thanks for the inspirational thoughts!

MoBo said...

you're Great!

Wiley Family said...

yeah you're great miriam!! It certainly sounds like you know what's going on hahaha.