Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Utah Trip: Bowling

While in Utah we went bowling with all the Reeves' that were in Utah.
Alexander had a very difficult time figuring out taking turns.
He was all smiles
Then this every single time until we only had 2 turns left.
I was ready to go to the car and sit in there with him because he was a psycho.
Luckily his Grandma had a lot more patience
than I did and sat with him to help him learn turns.

He finally got it and he was happy.
He loved bowling with Ethan and he especially
loved the balls coming out of the machine.

He really got the hang of it here.
He even got two strikes.
Eva was also a handful the whole time
but luckily Opa had patience with herand Grandma too
She also loved the balls and even picked one up.

Here we all are bowling in the disco lights
Cameron felt the need to show his tonsils :)
and there we all are again, Andrew is the one bowling.
Jenny killed us all with her skills and won the trophy
My children were by far the worst behaved children in the Universe.
I still had fun though which is a new concept
for me when my children are acting crazy.
Now I want to try bowling because I had so much fun.


Mable said...

I don't know who's look is better in that picture of Bubba crying. Daniel's or Alexanders.

MoBo said...

you had a trophie??? hahaha good times