Sunday, November 8, 2009

This week in the Reeves household

I am sick.
I started to get pretty sick on Monday at 530pm and its slowly progressing to worse. I have been trying to keep a regular schedule and it just makes things worse. I have almost lost my voice now so I got a sub for primary. (don't want to get them all sick)

Daniel let me sit in bed ALL day yesterday and I just read. I couldn't sleep. Hopefully I will get better because being sick makes it so you can only do Yoga and stretching for exercise. Even that makes me have a fit of coughs. I think this is the longest I have been sick in a long time.

The kids have been good. Lots of Movies. We watched Elf and Alexander actually liked it. They fight and it makes me laugh still but I try to get them to share. Alexander will come take (insert item) from Eva, she won't fight for it long. Then a minute later she goes to him takes it out of his hand and says thank you. They are the most polite children. They start taking the books out of my shelf and say sorry (both of them) over and over while still doing it. Sorry is becoming my least favorite word. I hear it all day long with no stopping of bad behavior. Just a learning process I guess.

Got to go be sick all day again.

Have a great week. My to-do list is getting really big and so is my laundry pile :(



MoBo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA that makes me laugh so Much! Punk Kids! hahahahahahahahh hahahahahhah too funny! I wish I were there to help you! then I would do all your washing and use the rod of correction with the "sorry" children HAHAHAHA just kidding

But this sick business is No Good! when is the diet thing over? I think you will be better after that hahaha

p.s. WHERE DID YOUR PLAYLIST GO?? and you need to Update your GOODREADS! I love that site

wishing you better

Mitch said...

Sorry you are sick! i hate being sick! Hopefully your kids don't get it! And hopefully you will done with it very soon! :)


Hera said...

Put on to do list Get better no matter what.
Drink lots of good fluids. V8 has vitamins and such.
Not to worry too much about stuff. Do what you can and no more until you are better.
Love to you all

Matt and Suzanne said...

So sad! Hope that you get feeling better soon. Glad the hubby let you rest.

Wiley Family said...

Hope you get feeling better. It is not good to be sick.