Sunday, November 15, 2009

BYU vs UNM Football Game

We went to the BYU vs UNM football game yesterday and that is BYU fan section. Miriam was rooting for BYU along with the kids, I had to decide which fans I hated worse. There was one BYU fan who held up a UTES SUCK sign at the game so that almost made me root for UNM but I think all the UNM fans ticked me off more. This is why it is hard for me to root for BYU even when they are not playing Utah, why would a BYU fan bring the UTES sign to the game?

This is a picture of Bubba in his BYU fan gear.

This is a picture of Eva with her BYU shirt on

This is a picture of them together standing on the bleachers giving me a heart attack. This is all they wanted to do. Well Eva also wanted to share the drink and the nachos of the people sitting next to us. She kept walking over and looking in the drink. What a begger child. I am surprised she didn't say "peeze" to the lady. I half expected to look over and see eva drinking their drink.
This is after the game it really wore them out I guess. Bubba wouldn't wake up and Eva was so grumpy after we woke her up that all she wanted to do was go lay next to Bubba and sleep. Also you may notice Bubba's blankets are on the floor. Miriam went to get him one morning and found him with his blankets all on the floor and that is where he prefers to sleep now.

It is really fun to go to sporting events with Miriam, especially if you don't particularly care for either of the teams playing, she is the ultimate realist at sporting events. If you really like a team I wouldn't recommend going with her. When BYU scored a touchdown the cheerleaders would wave those big BYU flags. THen BYU kicked a field goal and Miriam missed it because she was watching the kids but she saw the flags waving and asked me if they scored a touchdown. I told her no just a field goal. She then asked me sarcastically if they were going to wave the flags every time BYU got a first down. Then when the game was getting close she kept telling me that BYU football always does this and it is aggravating because they are never consistent and that the fans should be used to this sort of thing. She also found it very amusing about the UNM fans who kept saying "Hey we might actually win this game". I am sure she has some thoughts about Utah's team and there fans but because she knows my allegiance to them she didn't share them. She is a very good wife when it comes to sports especially considering how crazy I get about certain teams. It was nice to go with her though because she kept making me laugh.


MoBo said...

Great Picures, and great Stories! Eva's hair is so Long! so who won? HAHAHA that Utes Suck fan makes me laugh so much, Why Would you Do That??? HAHAHHA maybe they knew you'd be there, or maybe lots of Utes move to NM

meleofa said...

Excellent post. :D I laughed out loud. I agree, why would you bring a Utes suck sign to that game? so lame. Your kids are too cute! They are getting so big and they are so beautiful. I am amazed everytime I see new pics. hahahaahhahahaha. Adorable.

Wiley Family said...

I agree with meleofa your kids are just growing up so fast. With every pic they look more mature and grown up. Thats so great you guys could go to that game as a family. Great memories. Oh and Alexander sleeping on the floor. My kids do that too!! what's up with that?? hahaha but hey Miriam dont you remember sleeping all over the place hahahaha

Hera said...

The kiddies sleep on the floor because they are related to us. Haha. Miriam slept on the floor all the time and so does Melanie and me and dad and every Toutai there is haha. Even the ones with different last names.
We can all camp out on the floor together.
The Ute sign might be on tv that is why they brought it haha.

Hera said...
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