Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A recommendation

My sister in law Kristen Reeves recommended this book to me and I already recommended it to Melanie but I just wanted to say this is a great book. Go read it! I was laughing out loud so much. A very enjoyable light read. Very touching and it just made me happy to read it. So go check your libraries and try it out. I loved it.

Wednesday Wars; Gary D. Schmidt

Maybe its not funny to everyone else but certain parts just made me laugh so loud which doesn't happen with many books for me.


Wiley Family said...

oh yay. I need a laugh. I will check this out tomorrow. Hope you are feeling better.

MoBo said...

This book makes me laugh too, but the kid is such a punk sometimes! hahahaha but I guess thats what we all are sometimes.

I really like it, I finished the caliban Curses HAHA great stuff

MoBo said...

p.s. your playlist Disappeared! and you should remind me to look for swag buck every day hahaha