Tuesday, November 10, 2009

and the winner is...

I might have strep throat. I went to urgent care because of the short breath and feeling of suffocation all day long and especially at night and all the other symptoms. They took a strep test and it was negative so I guess thats a big maybe?? My tonsils are all swollen (no wonder its so hard to eat or drink all my water) and gross and white with pus. It doesn't explain the headaches and suffocation feeling. Oh well.

He prescribed Robitussin with codine and the infamous Amoxicillin. I say that because When Alexander was diagnosed with Asthma they gave him Amoxicillin. Then last month when Eva was sick for 3 weeks they prescribed Amoxicillin. It makes me wonder if its a catch all. I have seen it work so thats good. Hopefully I can breath again in a couple of days. I HATE being sick I just sit on the couch all day cause I can't breath. Blah I hope it goes away.



Hera said...
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Hera said...

Do the tonsils have to come out?
Amoxcillin is penicillin or antibiotic. They use it for just about anything. Especially to fight infection. I am not so sure of the goodness of it.

Keep us posted.
love from us all

Matt and Suzanne said...

Yuck, no fun! When I had strep my test came back negative. The doctor said that I had every symptom of it so he treated it as such. Maybe that's the case with you? It was awful. Hope your medicine works and you get better soon!!!

MoBo said...

HVER GERDI FYRSTA??? dont mock me. HAHAHA so yeah, terrible sickness, I think you gave it to me KeHehE

Deffo Keep us posted! sounds Terrible, I hate getting throat sicky, I havent had that since at least England, maybe even Iceland. Terrible Terrible, Remember the years maliana Missed Christmas? that was too funny, Hopefully you'll be able to Get Rid of whatever and Be good for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, Is it tonsiletimes? guess not since that would be to obvious haha