Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tester Projects for fun

So I have two tables for free projects. Ones a kitchen table and one is a little lazy Susan occasional table. These are from a storage unit that are still just in our garage. They are pretty rough but I see some potential so I want to do just a fun who cares project. I plan on doing this with Melanie. Sorry Melanie I didn't tell you but I figure you wont mind learning how to refinish furniture. I think refinishing furniture is fun hopefully you will too. Anyway I am trying to decide what to do. I am wondering if I should sand and refinish the kitchen table (not really what I want to do) or paint it a cool color or paint it white and blue or who knows really. This table doesn't have a function so I am not sure what to do with it.

The occasional table is actually something I like.

I do have to wood glue it because one of the seams or whatever its called is starting to come apart so I plan on getting a clamp to keep it even while it dries and getting a thin piece of wood to stable to the bottom to keep it together while it dries. This is a table I actually like. I plan to just glue it, sand it, and paint it white or black. Not sure which. I want it to go in my bedroom. Anyway some opinions on just fun things to do to these tables would be appreciated. I will post the final pictures when we are done.

Let me know some ideas of what you have seen or imagined or drawn and send it to me and I will do it. Oh and if you live in Utah I can even bring it out there when we go for Memorial day and I will give it to you (the kitchen table). Let me know.

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MoBo said...

Awesome possum, How are you going to sand the lazy susan???? hehehe