Thursday, May 21, 2009

Albuquerque zoo

We went to the zoo the other day. It was nice and windy so not too hot. I was surprised what a nice zoo it was. Lots of different animals I have never seen before. The camera was flipping out but I got some pictures.

I don't like Polar Bears. This one looked like it really wanted to eat us all. It was pacing back and forth and I just got bad feelings about it. There was a sign that said don't put your kids on the railing EVER and so I just kept imagining a kid falling down there and then the bear eating the kid. Sorry I get morbid thoughts like that all the time when around wild life.

One of my favorites was the toucan. I used to have a stuffed animal toucan. I also loved the flamingos. They are so pretty and it was my first time seeing them. They had Koalas there and even an iguana.

The gorillas looked extremely bored.

Here's Melanie and Eva at the giraffes.
Here is the creepy polar bear and Alexander standing on the railing!!!!!!! Daniel makes me crazy sometimes when he "lets Alexander see better"

The giant rodent. This thing was huge and I think Melanies favorite. It looks like a little gineau pig when it reality it was the size of a fat medium size dog. I couldn't believe it. So cool.

Flamingoes! Its a great zoo. It remined me of the Denver zoo but different animals.

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