Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Day in Santa Fe

So I loved Santa Fe so much history all around. We went up for the day. One of the highlights for me was finding an American First Edition Hardcover including dust jacket of the Silmarillion. Yes that's right a first edition Tolkien. It was only 3 dollars too.

So back to the sights of Santa Fe. We went to see the oldest house in America. 800 years old!

Beat that anyone. Then we saw a church and went into it to see what it was like. The church was only made in the 1600's I think.

That is pretty old for American history. Alexander and Melanie both hit the bell inside of it. Then we saw the outside of the church with the miraculous stair case made without nails or pegs or anything like that. It was a great town. So many old buildings that have been made into stores and hotels and things. I just loved it! Although because of its age the streets were tiny. It reminded me of Europe.

Random. On the way to Santa Fe we saw a sign on the freeway for the Mormon Battalion monument. So we stopped and checked it out. The little area looked pretty abandoned. The monument when up in 1940. It was pretty cool. The insignia looked like it was made of brass and the word Savage had been blocked out with a burner. Some of the words used to describe others is crazy too me. It was used instead of Native American. Such a rude word I am glad they burned it out.

I recommend visiting Santa Fe! So much history and fun sites. Although having two nutty kids stopped me from going inside anywhere (Museums).

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