Friday, May 1, 2009

4 Special Rings

Thus far in my years of knowing Daniel I have had 1 ctr ring and 3 wedding bands/ engagement rings. All given to me by Daniel. When we were first married we both thought Daniel would lose his ring in a week because well he doesn't like jewelry and is prone to taking it off. It ended up being me that has lost my rings. I hate to even think about it. It used to make me feel nauseous to think about it but I am getting better at realizing a lot of this stuff is just stuff and we don't really need it in the end.

My first loss happened 2 weeks after we were married. Just my wedding band in California on a beach. Luckily we had decided to go silver on the band.

The second ring I lost was a silver ctr ring Daniel had given to me in 2002. I lost it in our first apartment and have no idea where it went.

These two losses were not that bad. Well some would think they were but I didn't.

The third ring was the big one. I was extremely sad and sick about it. This one was my engagement ring. I really loved the design and the daintiness of it. I lost it the first time I put it on again after Eva was born. We were going out to eat or something in Guam and somehow it got lost in the car or whatever. Its gone forever and that sucks (I guess I am still affected by the loss). Its a black spot on Guam for me that is for sure. I still even have the appraisal documents on it.

Anyway so the 4th ring is one I got yesterday. We decided that I MUST stick with silver (that decision was more on my part) and extremely simple so that it can be replicated when I lose it again. What can I say I am a realist I will lose it again.


Maliana said...

i remember the one in california it was sad but like you said they aren't as important as the people who give them to you :)

Line'sLucky3 said...

Was that your anniversary gift? As for the ring you lost in Guam, it was probably pawned for some Bud Light and a couple of bets at the cock fights!! =) I love that you are practical and a realist at that! No wonder we got along so well.

Sarah said...

Oh sad! The new one is really pretty! Do you know that you can get them insured? So if you lose it, or it breaks, then it's covered? You can either get a separate ring insurance policy, or you can tack it onto your renters insurance (Cory and I have done the latter). Mine broke a couple months ago... the center stone just fell right out. I totally freaked out when I noticed! Anyways, long story shortened, we were able to get it fixed. I think our policy only adds like $60 to the insurance policy... totally worth it in my opinion, since my ring is worth over $3,000. Anyways... something to think about.

Hera said...

Someone asked me once why I did not wear a wedding ring. I answered "because, I know I am married".
I can't wear rings or anything else for that matter. I am allergic to lot of metals. So I do not even try stuff like that any more. It takes a few days for the allergy to show up on my skin. I still have my ring but have not worn it for many years. I try once in a while but the fingers get itchy. I have no problem with my medi braslet though. It'stainless steel. I agree this stuff is just stuff. Sometimes we get too sentimentally attached to stuff.

Melisa said...

that's a pretty ring. You definitely have some stories for the kids hahahaha. You know what though, there are tons of people who have georgeous rocks but the marriage isnt so great. Thats what matters. I hope you had a great anniversary.