Friday, August 28, 2009

Why do I forget to put the markers away at night?

This goes through my mind every time I wake up and find the markers everywhere. This was today's 7:30 am finding.

At least Eva was safe in her bed.


laura said...

ahh! no! this made me laugh so hard. i hope the long-term destruction was minimal.

MoBo said...

Thats some impressive work right there, it seems He was very careful about it. It looks like he did Hardly any overlapping, and left hardly anything without colour, Great Stuff. I do believe it took me Years to reach this Calibre. Did it come off easily? did he Cry? did he have an answer why he did it? hehehe Great stuff, made me laugh Real Hard, but I cant get over how Awesomely impressive it is

MiriamR said...

I scrubbed him in the bath with a baby hair brush while he complained. He had no explanation as usual. I am just waiting for the day he says it is artistic outlet.