Thursday, August 20, 2009

My kids don't think they need naps

Yesterday neither of my children took naps. They were playing in their bedrooms (I could hear them) so I got them out and let me play together. By 4:30 everything made them cry all the way until bed time. Today I forced the issue. I asked Alexander if he was ready for nite nite after lunch. "No mamma no nite nite" Ok fine. I get on here to check emails I turn around after 5 minutes to check Alexander and there he is on the floor.


Mitch said...

ah that is cute!! Lex has never fell asleep anywhere but her bed! I wish she would fall asleep randomly..

He is getting so big.


Hera said...

Perhaps you have found the magic words so he will take a nap; I remember you would just lie down anywhere to take a nap. So many times I had to go looking for you because you would just lie down anywhere and go to sleep.

Anonymous said...

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