Sunday, December 4, 2011

What the croup

Thats right I said croup. The little guy Jamison has it. He was breathing strangely on Friday morning so I made the decision to set up an appointment for later that day (I love my dr's office, they always have a pediatrician on call and you can get in that day NO MATTER WHAT if you baby is sick) I figured looking like a paranoid mother on a friday afternoon was better than having a baby that could barely breath all weekend and running to the urgent care or ER and waiting for hours to be told nothing was wrong and see the pediatrician on Monday. So I went in and was diagnosed with croup which she said isn't a specific disease its just the virus going around at the time. So he was put on a ventilator and given some strong meds and he is still healing but doing much better.

It is the saddest thing seeing a little baby struggle to breath. And he walks around saying mamma mmamammama and his voice is raspy so he is pretty much going to get away with anything until he is better.

Its been a LONG weekend what with the croup and snow (Daniel out pushing snowing really late to early) But the weekend is almost over and then it will be a new week.

Thats how our few days has been.

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Hera said...

I am so sorry to hear that. You used to have bronchitis pretty bad as a baby. Rocking chair came in very handy at night time. I hope he gets better soon. You are really experiencing what motherhood is all about. It is so difficult seeing your baby so sick. All our love and you are all always in our prayers.